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Head Chef’s pro tips for the perfect roast potatoes

We hope you’re hungry! Our Head Chef, Nick O’Hallaran has dished out his top tips for cooking up a storm when it comes to roast potatoes.

Roast potatoes are the crowning glory of every roast dinner. Here are Nick’s tried-and-tested techniques to ramp up your roasty royalty status.

1. Pick the right potato

Choosing the right potato is probably the most important thing – a baking potato or white potato won’t cut it. 

Nick recommends going for a quality Maris piper because they’re a great all-rounder and are usually available all year round. 

2. Make sure you par-boil before

When it comes to prepping the potato, it is recommended to parboil the potatoes a day before you need them. After they’ve been cooked, be sure to give them a good ruffle because a rough edge will help them crisp up while roasting.

After allowing them to cool, place the potatoes on a tray and freeze them. When ready to cook, roast them directly from frozen for a delightful crispiness and the perfect crunch.

3. Choose a fat that won’t burn 

Making sure you choose the right fat with a high flash point is essential. This means it won’t burn as easily. While butter can add some extra flavour, it can burn and make the potatoes bitter.

Be sure to perfume your fat of choice with some garlic cloves and rosemary before you add the potatoes as well.

Begin your roast potato adventure armed with these tips in hand, and crown yourself the reigning monarch of roasty delights. Good luck, and may your roast be a culinary masterpiece!

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